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Amifeeder is the Best Amibroker Data Feed App for Microsoft Windows. Amifeeder small size and user friendly App effectively used to Feed Data in Amibroker for Equity, Futures, Weekly and Monthly Index Options, Commodity and Currency. Amifeed for Amibroker gets automatically connected with Amibroker 32 bit version and starts tick-by-tick data feed in Amibroker for all active symbols with 365 days amibroker data feed backfill in 1 minute timeframe.

  • All Feeds in Amifeeder Data for Amibroker with 1 Year Backfill. User can chose any number of Symbols from any Feeds. Get All Symbols Amibroker Data Feed from All Segments @ ₹399 per month.
  • Get Free Demo for Amibroker Data with All Feeds Activated before Subscription. Amifeeder Provides Tick by Tick Amibroker Data Feed for Equity, Commodity, Weekly and Monthly Index Options, Futures and Currency Segments.
  • User can Select any feed symbols from 900+ symbols list and Amifeed updates Tick By Tick Data in Amibroker with with 365 days intraday backfill in 1 Min Timeframe. We are the only Amibroker Data Feed Provider with One year Historical Data.
  • Runs on Two Machines Alternatively on Quarterly Subscription and Our Dedicated Live Support is available from 8 am to 7 pm on week days. We also provide Free Highly Successful Amibroker AFL Indicators with Annual Subscription

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Amifeeder Data for Amibroker

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Who We Are

At We Provide Amifeeder App for Real Time Data Feed for Amibroker. Live Amibroker Data Feed is updated Tick by Tick through Amifeeder and Amibroker Data Backfill for 1 year is provided in minimum 1 Minute timeframe. Real Time Amifeed Data Feed for Amibroker is updated Live with lowest latency. AmiFeeder is an Excellent & High Quality Amifeed Real Time Data Feed Provider for Amibroker, it's one of the Best Amibroker Data Feed Service at a very low price. AmiFeeder App can be used for Real Time Data for Amibroker only. We are one of the Best Amibroker Data Feed Provider Since many years and Amifeeder is very user friendly and can automatically connect with Amibroker and starts Amibroker Data Feed instantly.

About AmiFeeder

AmiFeeder Provides Cheapest Amibroker Data Feed for Equity, Futures, Index Call Put Options, MCX Commodity and Currency Segments directly in Amibroker. We are one of the leading Realtime Amibroker Stock Market Data Provider in India. Our Amibroker Data Feed i.e. Amifeed can be relied upon and Real Time Data Services are available for Amibroker Data Feed, Equity Intraday Data for Amibroker, Commodity Real time Data Feed for Amibroker, Cheapest Data Feed for Amibroker and Live Data for Amibroker. Excellent Quality Data Feed for Amibroker and MCX Data for Amibroker comes with Tick-by-Tick Data in Amibroker with low latency. Intraday Amibroker Data Feed Backfill for 365 days available at a very fast pace for all segments.

Our Service

User can subscribe for Number of Symbols to be activated for tick by tick real time data updation. As per Latest Pricing, User can select any number of symbols from any feeds segment without any limit for Live Data for Amibroker i.e. Stock Futures, Index Futures and Options, Equity Cash, Commodity, Agriculture Commodity and all Currency Futures symbols. Favourite Symbols Watchlist can be saved for future use with one click or list can be changed or updated any time. Download Amifeed for Amibroker Setup and Activate Free Trial for Three Days Automatically after Installation. Amifeeder is one of the Best user friendly app for Amibroker Data Feed Service with low latency and a very high speed.

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Very Good and Smooth Data Feed. Very Easy to Connect with Amibroker.

P K Gaur


Excellent Quality Real Time Data for Amibroker and Wonderful Support.

Piramma Kumar


Using Amifeeder for last 10 months. Working Absolutely Perfect.

Kalpesh Patel


Real Time Data for Amibroker

Amibroker Data Feed for All Segments Only @ ₹399 per month
Official Amifeeder Data Provider for Amibroker

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